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KEIKO Matcha Supreme Powder


Matcha Supreme is selected carefully, rich in aroma and grinded thoroughly in a stone mill to matcha green tea. This wonderful Matcha from Kagoshima captivates all the senses: the intensive green colour in the bowl, its enchanting, many layered fragrance and its almost creamy softness on the tongue with a prefect balance of freshness and an overwhelming variety of aromas make Matcha Supreme an unforgettable delight!


A sensation for both discerning connoisseurs and people new to Matcha!
  1. Add about 2-3 bamboo spoons (chashaku) of powder into a pre-heated tea bowl (chawan).
  2. Add about 100ml of water at 80-85°C into the bowl.
  3. Use a bamboo whisk (chasen) to whisk the mixture in quick 'M' and 'W' movements till it is frothy.