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KEIKO Tenbu Fuka Leaves

TENBU FUKA (Tenbu = “Dance in heaven”) is plucked in mid-April. Portraying a deep dark green in the cup, the aftertaste is truly “eternal”. A surprise even for connoisseurs of premium green tea and a rarity in Japan. “Fuka” means “deep” and indicates that this green tea in particular is intensively steamed. It has a heavy, sweet fragrance as well as an delightfully distinct aroma.


Truly, one of the rarest and highest quality green tea available.

  1. Boil water and allow it to cool to 60°C to 65°C.
  2. Using a Kyusu-teapot, take 2-3 teaspoons of tea and fill the base of the Kyusu-teapot. Pour the cooled water into Kyusu-teapot.
  3. Allow the first infusion to steep for no longer than one minute.
  4. Pour a little tea into each cup then fill them up further in reverse order. This will make sure that the tea in each cup is equally strong. The pouring movements gradually give the tea the correct green color. Pour out the very last “golden” drops, to make sure the tea does not steep any further.